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terms and conditions.

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Prices for Switzerland and Liechtenstein will incure VAT of 7,6% and can be billed in Swiss francs (CHF). No VAT included for other countries. Orders are processed after receipt of payment only.

Delivery time

Usually barcodes are delivered within 1 labor day (24 hours) after receipt of payment (Monday through Friday noon). Orders from Friday noon to Sunday night will be deliveredy by Monday morning. Holidays (like bank holidays) can cause a one-day delay.

No guarantee for timely delivery. If you need your codes for a certain point in time shorter than 24 hours, you have to call us beforehand to check if ideadline can be met. Non-fulfillment of deadline by ean-express.com does not give you the right for indemnity claim. Further, we grant no guarantee for internet functions of e-mail and web (spam filters might withhold or delete e-mail with or without attachments without notice). You have to call us if you think something went wrong or if you wait longer than 24 hours.


Orders are binding. Immediate cancellation are accepted (within a few minutes). Later withdrawal of order (changes etc.) will occur any cost for work already done (also administrative work). For later withdrawel (after delivery), a charge of € 20.00 is billed. In this case we will ask for a written waiver.

Way of delivery

Our barcodes look like on the image below (number and bar thicknesses are individual, of course):

You will get your barcode as PDF or EPS file (both are vector formats which can be zoomed lossfree). You make sure beforehand that you can process either of these file types (samples). We deliver only by E-Mail or by web download (i.e. a link where you can download your barcode for a week).

The GTIN (EAN/UPC) offered by us have no special country prefixes (like 40 through 44 for Germany, 90/91 for Austria, 76 for Switzerland/Liechtenstein), etc. but start with 07 or 08. These will also work world-wide, as prefixes are not significant for their function within a certain geographical area. However, some shops/distributors require you to have country-prefix EAN codes. Please ask your distributor beforehand if there are such restrictions..

If you prefer to have a GTIN of a certain country, address yourself to the company GS1 of the concerning country.

There are no such restrictions if you sell on Amazon.

Reservation of proprietary rights

GTIN (EAN) and barcodes may only be used after full payment. Until that point in time, GTIN and barcodes are property of ean-express.com.

GTIN numbers (EAN, UPC etc.) you have not bought with us or elsewhere, must not be used whatsoever. If you still do so, you will be liable towards the rightful owner of the concerning GTIN (liability for damages).


Acceptable within eight days after payment.

Open invoices

Generally, we deliver only against cash in advance. Open invoices (to be paid within 8 days) only for well-known long-time customers. You can make an instant payment by PayPal or a bank transfer. PayPal fees are included in the price. Any bank payment fees are to be paid by buyer. The PayPal receipt is your invoice for your bookkeeping.

Cheque payment

Possible if you add € 10.00. Barcode delivery only after receipt of the full amount.

Reminders (for open invoices)

€ 10.00 each reminder. On further non-payment the case will go to the encashment lawyer. Any further cost are to be paid by debtor. The interest for delay is 5% (five percent) per year.


For any other point, the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) applies.

Place of jurisdication: Meilen, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

Changes of price, type, and conditions and misapprehension reserved.

With your order, you accept these conditions.

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